Talking to our clients through a new activation idea, there comes the moment that we like to let the design speak for itself. After all, a picture still says more than a thousand words.

Pitching on Paper

But now that picture, its just a photo on a sheet of paper, and as much as our designers like to show each design from all possible camera angles that paper is rather limiting. You never get the full immersive experience and scale of a new project proposal by looking at a sheet of paper.

So our design team set out to change that all…

We wanted to create an immersive pitch for you to walk around, look and see each element of the activation come to life, and if at all possible to give you that from the 1st draft right through to the final renders with that last artwork chance from the Global Agency embedded.

VR Design Benefits

With VR apps, Google Cardboard and cellphone clients can now experience an activation space from behind their desk, and with the development & design time costs plummeting each and every new brief is now open to be created in 3D 360° VR.

Have early Success

When we design an activation space clients can now see not only see the exterior of the space but they can stand inside the space and experience the space as a consumer, brand activator or for example the chef who is cooking up a storm to showcase your newest product.

Real Time Experienced Proposals

And all these insights provide answers to unanswered questions you might have had in the past. Where is the stand situated in the mall, is there direct sunlight on any of the cooking surfaces, do I need extra lighting, can you see the branding while you experience the product, is the space inviting, does the activation feel cramped, open or too vast? Answering these questions before the 1st live date, that gives you peace of mind that the consumer will experience your activation in the same way you did in the VR Design Process.


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