5 Tips to Hire the Right Exhibition Management Company

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It’s so easy to find exhibition management companies. Just pop onto Google and search. You will get about approximately 1, 070, 000 results in just 0,65 seconds. However, it is more difficult to find the right one.

Exhibiting is an expensive strategy. Stand design, staff costs and venue rental to name a few. As a client, you are investing your hard-won marketing budget in exhibitions with the objective of yielding a return on your investment. Partnering with the right exhibition company is crucial.

When you’re next on the search for exhibition management companies, use the below points to help you make your decision.


Instead of dealing with multiple companies, it saves time and money to deal with a company that can provide you with an A-Z solution.

From our experience, dealing with multiple suppliers increases the risk of a ball being dropped. Remember that with exhibition management, there are always a few hundred balls in the air at one time.


Exhibition management is not something you learn overnight. Hire a company with a proven track record and at least 3-5 years of experience.


We believe that client/agency synergy is a vital ingredient to yield exhibition ROI. Synergy often results in the best work.

Your exhibition management company should be an extension of you and your team.


Assess their digital and technological capabilities.

Do they offer the right technology solutions to help you capture guest data at the exhibition? Do they have the digital support to help you leverage your expo presence online?


Exhibitions require a lot of work. It is better to hire an exhibition company with either their own fleet of vehicles or representatives in the area that you will be exhibiting.

In summary, invest time in finding the right exhibition management company to partner with. The time invested up front will save you time and money further down the line.