BMW M Fest



Exhibition Management

We had the opportunity to part of the famous “BMW M Fest” This year at the hot, windy and rainy Kyalami Race Track. Jawbone was responsible for the launch of the stunning new 1 series BMW, fondly known as “THE 1”.

Targeted at a younger market, our activation area truly experienced centric and showcased two beautiful 135i models, one in blue and the other in red. We had two dedicated BMW product specialists showing guests around the inner workings of both vehicles, showcasing the new four cylinder 245kW motors; not to mention the smartphone entry, concierge service, digital displays and a host of top-notch comfort and safety features.

To illustrate one of the cars top features “Hands Free reversing”, we developed an intricate obstacle course. Designed to take the guest on a backward motion journey while blindfolded, the idea was synonymous with the vehicle’s capabilities while reversing unaided through the real-life obstacle course in the GymKhana area.

Completion of the obstacle course enabled the guest to tap a smart card and enter a competition to take the winner on the ride of a lifetime around the Kyalami circuit in the well known BMW M4 GT4. This was done on both the Saturday and Sunday and both the winners were thrilled.

The obstacle course was followed by the Gymkhana section of the activation.  It allowed visitors to a chance to go around a track made of ten enormous cones at high speeds. The track was designed to showcase the vehicles amazing stability, power, safety features and latest interior comfort and ergonomics; all under extreme g force.

Complete with six large screens, urban block colour artwork, two live spray-painting areas, an impressive array of Parcan Lights, LED Spots, and near field communication devices; the activation zone was a veritable experience; a fun zone for visitors from all walks of life.

The show was a huge success; the Gymkhana saw the 135i burning rubber from dusk till dawn and the BMW product genius team didn’t get a moment to rest through the two-day festival. The intermittent thunderstorms and beautiful overcast afternoons were a welcome relief from the scorching hot spring days and cleared the dust from many an aggressively styled grille at the 2019 M Fest.

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