How to Create a Brand Activation that Drives Engagement

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Whether you are trying to sell a product or increase your database, at the heart of every great brand activation should be an idea that inspires your target market to act. So how do you do that? Here a few tips that we use when approaching any brand activation.

Ask “Why?” do we need a brand activation

Every single brand activation brainstorming session should start with the question, “Why?” Strategically, it is vitally important that at the heart of your idea is something that will make people want to engage – something that will make your target audience care about what you are doing. Once you have solved the “why”, then you can move onto the “how?”

Take a Multi-Channel Approach

Your activation shouldn’t only exist in one place for an afternoon. You have multiple channels at your disposal – use them. Although the activation may occur in the real world, make use of experiential marketing, share content on all your social channels, paid media, and use any other digital platforms available.

Create a Social Media Strategy

A really great brand activation will keep people talking for a while after it occurs. To ensure this happens, make sure you implement a strategy to keep people talking about the activation long after it happens. On your social platforms, you can engage with your audience through any number of channels, such as competitions, conversations, or by creating beautiful, shareable content.

Create a social media strategy that ties into the brand activation ahead of the actual event. This will ensure that, on the day, your workers on the ground can capture moments, quotes, photos and clips that can be used later to leverage your social audience.

A successful brand activation is unforgettable! Check out some of the world’s best activations here.