Tech & Trends 2019: What’s Driving Brand Activations?

We’ve almost reached 2020 and we’re moving out of our “teens”. And though we’ve already touched on some trends in the event marketing and brand activation space, we wanted to take another look at where the inspiration stems from. With a quick bit of research, what’s “trending” seems to be pretty clear, with many articles and even broader industries mentioning similar things. So, instead of suggesting that these are ground-breaking discoveries – we’ve laid out some questions related to brand activation trends and technology that are worth keeping in mind. Feel free to get in touch with our crew directly or check out Jawbone’s services.


Yup, we’re referring to “smart spaces”. We know that both AR and VR are nothing new, it’s the hardware that’s powering these technologies that’s advancing. And in doing so, enhancing their use in the brand activation space in 2019, and beyond. We’re seeing the meteoric rise of AI, VR, AR, biometrics, facial recognition technology, RFID wearable tech that’s intelligent and informed by constantly-learning algorithms. So, while AR, VR and smart spaces are nothing new, we now know that it’s the hardware that’s powering these kinds of technology that’s advancing. And in doing so, enhancing brand activations in 2019.

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The multiple elements we mentioned above all lay the foundation for a smart space, but once you’ve got that right you can focus on exactly how you want people to go about their interactive experience. A lot of it does come down to technology and how it influences the way we interact with spaces – it enhances the sensory experience, often creating a much richer, tangible and memorable overall interaction with a brand.

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Technology may be soaring ahead, but just as significant is the need to remain transparent and vocal about brand ethics. Though “disconnected” from advancing tech trends, this movement to consciousness and sustainability is on the rise, allowing people to make better choices, with more positive impact. The same also applies to digital ethics and data protection (and/or use of) personal information. So, no matter what kind of brand activation you’re planning, proactively tackling the issues that our world and our communities consider to be important is so much more than being on-trend.

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Along with a growing consciousness, we also suggest you view what we’ve mentioned above as more than just a simple suite of tech tools, they are strategic technology advancements that are allowing our events industry to advance, improve and evolve. Going beyond our century’s “teen” years sees us moving into an age where it’s cool to be practical and functional. We’re using smart event planning to turn products and experiences into actual solutions. A little while ago, we outlined a few tips on approaching brand activations in 2019 but as with any scenario, you should never be using something for the sake of. If it adds value and is a good strategic fit for your consumers and your brand, then you know you’ve hit the brand activation sweet spot.

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