Recipe for the Perfect Brand Activation

As a leading activations agency who focuses on activations, events and experiential marketing we’re constantly thinking about brand activation ideas and ways to keep ahead, keep things fresh and keep our clients and customers happy. We love a good metaphor, so think of this post about like a recipe of sorts, including some top tips that you could also use when baking some amazing cupcakes.

Because just like winning over someone with the perfect chocolate-to-sponge-ratio; if you get it right, a well-executed brand activation can help you attract attention and allow people to interact with your products and create meaningful connections with them. The strategy we suggest? Focus on the core elements (aka the right ingredients) and then set your sights on achieving the best possible standards according to: Presentation | Taste | Originality


If you use bad quality chocolate, you’re going to end up with a bad quality taste, right? The same applies to suppliers working with brand activation agencies. They will help you make or break an experience. So, whatever you do, don’t skimp on the good chocolate. Make sure you’re working with reliable suppliers that will execute your plans according to your brand standards. Look for things like:

QUALITY: Whether you’re setting up a booth, a stage or just handing our swaggy merch or samples, you want to be sure that the quality you’re offering is worth it.
TRUST: The best brand activation ideas often happen when you’re working with established and trusted partners. That way you can bounce off thoughts and build long-term relationships that’ll benefit you, and give your activations a sense of consistency.


Even if it tastes amazing, a delicious cupcake isn’t going to make a great first impression if it looks like it was made by a clumsy 3-year-old on “baker baker” day. How a brand activation comes together means staying true to your brand’s visual language and tonality. So make it interesting, consider quirky or innovative ways to bring a space to life that’ll make a lasting impression. Keep in mind:

AROMA: The smell is what draws people, it gets them excited about what’s to come and whets their appetite. You can do the same with your brand activation. The way you market, talk about and pre-amble your event can do a lot to entice people.
VISUAL APPEAL: Sure, you can create a tactile experience that incorporate the richness of texture, smells and sounds but make it also looks like something special.
LOCATION: When thinking about brand activation ideas, make sure you’re taking into account the need to be accessible.


The proof sure IS in the pudding, so make the first bite counts. Consider how you can amplify existing behaviours or ways people are already interacting with your brand, then use your activation as a way to bring them to life in new and surprising contexts. Getting in touch with their expectations and mindset can help you localise and personalise their overall experience. Never forget:

FIRST IMPRESSION: Create immediate experiences to boost brand loyalty and pave the path to fandom. That very first bite is all you have, so make it count.
SURPRISE AND DEIGHT: Ever bitten into a cupcake only to be met with a gooey centre of molten chocolate, or a nutty ganache? It’s that kind of detail you can apply when thinking about a consumer journey within your brand activation space.
MAKE IT INSTA-WORTHY: Without sounding like the promoter of the next Fyre festival, this is really something worth considering. If you make your set up or your wares beautiful and easy to capture on a phone, people will be more likely to share it online and help spread the word of your brand offering.

Sure, you can also try and ease them into trying new things but don’t push them too far out of their comfort zones. You wouldn’t trick someone into eating raisins by telling them they are chocolate chips, would you? Manage their expectations. Ask yourself – what will they leave with? What will they remember? Will their experience rival Grandma’s best? (In this case, Grandma is your biggest competitor ‘cause we’d never diss real Grandmas).

Need some brand activation ideas? Get in touch with Jawbone today and let’s talk about it over a cupcake.