3 Tips for Creating Memorable Experiential Marketing

As the world becomes more tech-centric, experiential marketing and immersive experiences are becoming more and more frequent in the world of marketing.
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As the world become more tech-centric, experiential marketing and immersive experiences are becoming more and more frequent in the world of marketing and advertising.

While television adverts, print campaigns, and other forms of traditional advertising are a great way to express both brand and product benefits, experiential/engagement marketing aims to form a memorable and emotional bond between the consumer and the brand – one which will result in brand loyalty and positively influence purchasing decisions. Here are 3 things to bear in mind when creating a successful brand activation or piece of experiential marketing in South Africa and beyond:

1. Keep it Real, Always

With the proliferation of social media and self-publishing platforms, consumers are increasingly after real, authentic experiences that they can relate to. Make sure that your brand activations centre around the consumer, not the product. This can also help with spreading brand awareness and equity by word-of-mouth.

2. Create Curiosity with Experiential Marketing

We have all been handed flyers and stopped by promoters in shopping malls. Neither of these experiences is exciting or new. In fact, mostly they are a bit irritating. The best brand activations and examples of experiential marketing are the ones that draw people in out of sheer curiosity. While conceptualising your activation, keep asking yourself, “would this excite and spark interest in me?” If the answer isn’t a resounding “YES!”, keep working until you have the idea that will set your brand apart.

3. Awaken the Senses

While TV adverts can only activate two senses, experiential marketing allows you to create a singular experience that not only looks and sounds good, but can taste, smell and feel amazing too! When brainstorming ideas, try to think a little bit differently and you might just come up with an intriguing, novel activation.


Check out this experiential marketing event that we created for Lindt South Africa.

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