4 Tips for Effective Exhibition Management

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After many years of partnering with large brands, these tips have become the cornerstone of our exhibition management style.

Exhibition Management – Make Your Stand Stand Out

Something to always bear in mind when conceptualising your exhibition space is that your stand won’t be alone. Your exhibition stand will be one among many others, all trying to grab people’s attention. In order to get people to stop and interact with your space, you need to strategise to make it stand out and be as inviting as possible.


Setting Exhibition Marketing Goals

If you are managing your own brand’s exhibition, know exactly what you wish to achieve before setting out. Imagine what you would say to someone if they asked you about the purpose of your exhibition. It’s useful to write a list of key performance indicators to help guide your exhibition design and management.


Getting a Clear Brief

If a brand approaches you to manage their exhibition, make absolutely sure that the brief is clear. You and the brand need to have a clear vision of how the event with be managed. When New Balance  approached us to manage their exhibition stand for the Comrades Marathon, we were tasked to show off their products and create a beautiful engaging space.



Before you even begin thinking about the physical exhibition space, you need to do some serious research. We knew that New Balance is an incredibly sleek, clean brand and that the exhibition would need to mirror that. Before doing anything else, we did a lot of brand research and found a wide range of exciting visuals and designs.

These visuals then acted as the starting block for our own design process. They informed the way in which we used the available space to create an experience that captured and amplified the brand.