Here’s the thing: we love technology, but we’ve still got a soft spot for creating authentic, in-person experiences that amaze, delight and surprise people. There’s nothing like seeing emotions on faces in real life. We’re talking hugs, high-fives and ching-ching toasts (while being Covid-conscious, of course) – those just can’t be replicated digitally. And best of all, live events are coming back, and now they’ve got sharper digital benefits!


Case in point: we got to share this real-life love again with our recent Encore Family Day. We crafted a bespoke celebration for over 500 people, and of course, we gave it the JAWBONE signature sprinkle of magic. We’re talking unforgettable food and drinks from award-winning food trucks and slick pop-up bars, but we also put the families first – lots of kiddie-focused entertainment and surprise sweet jars. This celebration was amplified by a showstopping soundtrack that needed to be heard to be believed: Ard Matthews, Prime Circle, The Kickstands, and Black Whiskey.


It was a fully-fledged concert and fun family festival, and best of all, it had a big, pumping heart: it helped raise over R160 000 for an organization called the Ingane Yami Children’s Village.

So, what have lessons have we re-learned thanks to Encore? 

  1. Live events are back, baby!
    Don’t get us wrong, we can still build you the best digital and virtual experiences, but man, we love outdoor adventures in the fresh air, just like this one. Right now, people are craving deeper connections and more real face-to-face experiences, so our challenge is to craft new, hybrid events that use the best of both pixel and physical. The reward? Brand love!
  2. The more targeted your approach, the more success you’ll unlock.
    The pressure is on brands and businesses to be more intentional and laser-focused on defining the what, why and how in their events. Consumers and guests are even more value-driven than before, but thankfully, we’re armed with more data and insights than ever to create the experiences that your customers want.
  3. The most underrated event strength: your new network and collab partners.
    Going back live has meant we’ve had to lean into wider networks of talent who we may not have been considered before because they weren’t well-known or recruited pre-Covid. Creatives, filmmakers, illustrators – all ‘new’ event talent whose potential is now much more appreciated post-pandemic.
  4. It’s still just about connecting people.
    There’s plenty of hype around new technologies and digital methods, but our rule is still what helps us produce success in digital, virtual and physical events: you have to put people first. Technology just offers the tools to help us make that happen. It’s not just about commercial goals – we’re helping to rebuild our country, one epic experience at a time.
  5. Agility is king.
    We can roll with the punches like the best of them. We thrive under pressure and changing conditions. We now know all about Covid-safe, touchless experiences and how to plan and budget for them, and more importantly, we can still drive up the engagement – even when it’s not face-to-face. 


One last little truth bomb: the pandemic made JAWBONE better. Granted, we hated all the restrictions and virtual-only solutions at the time, but now we’ve realised it made the company a different animal. Faster to adapt, more flexible and collaborative, bristling with new perspectives, and ready to conquer new worlds. 


The only question left: are you our next Encore? Hit us up now to find out.