Event Management Companies and the services they offer

Understanding Event Management Services

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Event management companies specialise in applying project management skills to the creation and development of events – whether it be a convention, conference, concert, or party.


They begin this process by studying the brand or client, understanding their individual objects, honing in the on their target market and ultimately conceptualising, creating and coordinating an event which positively drives brand or company perception.


While the consumer will only see the final product, there is an enormous amount of planning and administrative work that goes on behind the scenes of each and every event. This process of planning and coordinating is usually referred to as ‘event planning’ and is just one division of what a reputable event management company will offer the client.


Event planners make sure that everything is organised and considered, from budgeting, scheduling and acquiring permits, to picking the perfect location, coordinating transport, catering, entertainment and organising event security – not to mention putting in place contingency plans should anything go wrong!

Before selecting an event management company for your event, you must make sure that they provide a holistic service offering, which is exactly what we offer at Jawbone.


We are driven by our united passion for the creation and management of unusual, memorable events, exhibitions and experiences – ensuring that each and every step of the process is considered and implemented perfectly.

There is nothing we love more than solving a complicated brief. Having to think out of the box and creatively is what we do best – creating brand projects that are unexpected and unique. 

Regardless of what industry you are in, we can bring your event to life. Whether it be a large-scale brand launch or sporting event, we will handle every aspect of your event and its conceptualisation, ensuring that you meet your targets and expectations and leave with a broader client base.

Have you got an event or exhibition coming up? Don’t hesitate to get in touch directly for a quote or a chat on how we can help you realise your objectives and goals in a thrilling way! In the meantime, you can learn more about what we do here.