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Event Management Services: How to reach the C-Suite

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Are you struggling to justify your marketing spend on event management services? If so, this article is for you.


Have you ever heard of the C-Suite in your company unanimously decide on something? We didn’t think so. It takes some convincing. And to convince the people in power you need to substantiate your idea with facts and numbers.


When making use of event management services, you’re going to have to prove why your CEO should invest time and money. But how?


Executives are a challenging audience. Their busy schedules and need to sell make them very focused on the outcome. They don’t want their time wasted on “salesy” pitches and measly stories.


Here are 4 reasons to convince your C-Suite why event management services can be beneficial to your business:


Events generate brand awareness and can generate quality leads

Events create awareness of your brand. It allows people to remember you.


Choosing where, when and how you host your event allows you to build a unique brand experience reaching your exact target audience. Events allow for face to face exposure which will help with closing sales. The more touch points your brand has with the target market and have been structured around the anthropology of the consumer the easier it is to close sales.


Events help show what your values and missions

Consumers are more inclined to have an affinity for your brand when their values align with yours. Events are a tactic to immerse your consumers in your brand and showcase your values. If one of your values is quality, showcase this through the quality of your event décor, the catering and the overall customer experience.


At an event, you have an audience waiting to be captivated by your brand. Maximise that. Show them how you can make their experience with your brand more memorable.


Events and their useful analytics

Since you’re interacting with consumers F2F (Face-to-Face), you can track key analytics quite simply. You can track attendance/participation, social media interactions and sales lead.


One thing the C-Suite likes is numbers. And that’s one way to keep the boss happy. It also helps with future strategy planning.


Have a look at how Jawbone uses event management software to track numbers at the events they plan.

Events are an educational tool

Events are a great way to grab your target market and educate them about your product or service, especially if it’s a complex one. It’s a chance to explain how your brand can benefit them.


Next time you propose an event to your stakeholders list these reasons in an email to bolster your reasoning.


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