Event Management - Skills needed to succeed

Event management: Skills needed to succeed

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Events. There have been great ones; there have been horrible ones. What does a great one boil down to? The person behind-the-scenes organising and directing everything like an eight-armed octopus.

We all want to be successful at what we do, even if it is making a simple cup of coffee. Being great at something requires a set of skills that make you stand out. Here are three tips if you are planning on making use of those skills and refining them.



Butting heads is a given within any situation but in this line of work, you’ll need a helmet for yourself as well as a few Band-Aids for others to prevent it. Anger isn’t often something that stays in one place – it spreads like wild fire. So if you lose your cool, more than likely, the people around you will too.

Attitude is key to success so keep a cool head. If you’re a person who can handle stress and lead others through it, event management is probably the right job for you.



Event management and introvertism is not a combination that will fly. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. Just be sure to set boundaries and learn to communicate effectively. Just another human chatting to another human about things that matter and things that don’t.

It’s easy to think that small talk is for distant family members and waiting rooms but small talk is just another definition for being a people’s person. And being a people’s people isn’t easy work. It can mean a quick burn out so be sure make time to recharge those social batteries.



Digital communication is winning the race in the land of media. When was the last time you got a written invite in the post to anything? Even wedding invitations are becoming e-invites. Learn to create a social media campaign for an event if you want people to show up. After all, it’s all at your fingertips and doesn’t require much running around on that front.

Event management is all about improving the skills that you already have. If you’ve done that – master them. And even then, keep improving if you want a successful career.