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Event Management Trends for 2018

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We wrote a trends analysis article in 2017, you can check it out here. With the new year in full swing, we wanted to share some event management trends that we anticipate happening in 2018. Read below and comment with any additional event management trends that you predict for this year.



With the exceptionally busy lives that we live, people are constantly looking for ways to unwind and escape. Even if for a brief moment. Events that require guests to absorb a lot of information are often unfruitful due to an information overload. Providing your guests with downtime allows them to de-stress and process the information that they’ve received.

Hence the importance of giving attendees the chance to rest and to break away from their devices. These are a few examples of event management trends that predict becoming big in 2018.

  1. WiFi “dead zones” where event goers can escape tech and their flurry of emails.
  2. Comfortable “chill-zones” with mood lighting and ambient sounds that help guests to relax.
  3. Structured breaks that allow attendees to recuperate and reflect on their learnings.
  4. On-site massages.



An event management trend that started to take off in 2017 was crowd shaping – It’s the ultimate way to personalise the event experience for your guests using data.

A quick definition to get you acclimatised – Crowdshaping is the use of data generated by people inside a defined space to adjust and customize, often in real time, the event or experience.

First off, you need to collect information. This can be done with check-in apps that allow users to log in through their social media accounts. This will provide you with insight into the preferences of your guests. This data collection process can be complemented by real-time surveys. Using this information, you can customize your event, in real-time, for your crowd. Is the music too loud or is the room too hot? You can ask and find out at a moment’s notice. With crowdshaping technology, event customisation is infinite.



Sustainability in business has been a hot topic for many years and with elements such as global warming and the rise in unemployment rates, it will continue to be on the tips of tongues for years to come.

We need to remember that social responsibility doesn’t stop at companies becoming eco-friendly. Being a sustainable business means giving back to the environment and your direct community in which you operate.
Include the following elements in your event to position your business as a thought-leader on the topic of sustainability.

  1. Support local and sustainable businesses by using them as suppliers for your events. This generates job and income for locals and can help showcase the local flavour, too.
  2. Paperless events through e-tickets and creating an event app with your event program and company information.
  3. Only use local companies to supply your event.