Exhibition Stand Ideas 2017

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Trade shows and exhibitions are all about business results. You’re more likely to be successful when you have an exhibition stand that you’re proud of and excited about. So, put those 4-wall stands away and bring out something people haven’t seen before.

Have a look at a few of these tips and creative examples to get some inspiration for your next exhibition stand.

Interactivity & Engagement

Your exhibition stand idea must have something engaging and inviting to be sure to bring more leads to your stand.

Consumers like to get involved with your product/service to fully understand what it is they’re purchasing. The more you engage your audience, the more memorable your product or service will be. First impressions are the ones that last so be sure to make it an exciting experience.
After all, you’re trying to lure your audience into a small space in an already crowded room.

Have a look at this exhibition that took place in Birmingham. The whole point of it was to have people interact with it and make them apart of the result.


Something that will always set you apart is simplicity. Technology is everywhere, so why not bring the 21st century to your exhibition stand idea.

The digital world and the real world shouldn’t be thought of as two different entities but rather as a world we are embracing and living in at this very moment. This exhibition stand did exactly that in their execution.

An Exhibition stand idea that doesn’t live in the classic 4 wall

This is the place to compete with your neighbours. Everyone else will be confining themselves to the 4-wall box. Why not take the opportunity to break past those walls?

Be unconventional and create an exhibition stand that your consumers want to see. Make yourself memorable and take your audience on a journey they never knew they wanted to go on.

What’s an Exhibition Stand without a Giveaway?

This is where you can be creative and use your brand to generate potential leads. Create giveaways/contests that have an element of discovery or interactivity. It may not even be something they physically take away but the experience that they take away.

However, you decide to attract people to your stand, stay in line with your brand message and don’t get too lost in the world of creativity. The point of the stand is to generate leads and engage with your consumer.

For an engaging exhibition stand concept and design, give us a call.