Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a disruptive marketing tactic that is used to create meaningful experiences for consumers. Our secret: we take advantage of all five human senses to leave a lasting impression. Great for brand hype, talkability, increased reach, and real consumer engagement, both in-person and digitally.

Concept & Strategy

We take your business problem and create ideas and strategies that ensure experiential marketing success.

Project Management

We manage the entire process, including sourcing and liaising with suppliers, campaign roll-out and on-the-ground management.

Graphic & 3D Design

We have capabilities for graphic and 3D design - prototype, visualise, and deliver complete creative concepts.

Ambassador Training

If your experiential campaign requires ambassadors, we'll source & train high calliber staff to put your best foot forward.

Our experiential marketing services

We approach experiential marketing campaigns with a 360-degree approach, carefully crafting campaigns that stimulate consumers’ sense and lead to lasting memories.

Each brief is treated as unique and our mission is to provide outstanding service with the least amount of effort from our clients’.

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When to use experiential marketing:

This marketing tactic should be used when you need to drive talkability, increase brand reach, and drive consumer engagement.

Product launches

Make people remember your product by linking it with an unforgettable experience.

Sampling campaigns

With certain products, the key to success is getting users to know about and experience your new offering. Activations will help you do this.

Impact and tactical brand awareness

Engage your consumers' five senses in a unique experience help to Increase campaign and brand awareness and retention.

Build relationships

This tactic allows you to get face-time with your target audience. This helps to strengthen the relationship between your brand and consumers.

Like what you see? Let's work.

Like what you see?
Let's work.