How to choose the right brand activation company

In a world, full of brands trying to be different, it’s important to hire the right brand activation company that will help you stand out.
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In a world, full of brands trying to be different, it’s important to hire the right brand activation company that will help you break through the clutter and stand out above the rest.

Like any relationship, a brand and its agency need to have a level of trust, things in common and thus, the desire to make one another better.

Bringing brands to life involves several moving parts. It’s crucial that a brand and its chosen agency have the chemistry between them to create a firework brand activation.

Campaign Live has some great tips on how to maintain a long and prosperous brand-agency relationship.

When it comes to finding a brand activation company, there are lots of fish in the sea. When it comes to finding the right one, it’s about finding the right fish by asking the right questions.

These are the most important questions a brand can ask its potential agency:

Who are you?

Doing initial research on the agency is always a good idea. Social media, content, website, newsletters and case studies are all good sources of information. But this is just the first date.

Getting to know the ins and outs of the agency rely on you asking the right questions. Asking things like ‘where are you based?’, ‘what are your business goals?’ or ‘how did you start out?’ can give you some insight on what really drives the agency.

Ask the agency to give you evidence that they are forward thinking and are up to date with the latest media and audience trends.

Does your agency culture fit our brand culture?

Your experiential agency is an extension of your brand. Look at the agency’s levels of professionalism, creativity, transparency and communication.

Do those levels align with yours? It can be something as small as dress code in the office that can imply whether or not you and an agency are a good fit.

Which tasks do you keep in-house, and which ones do you outsource?

It’s a good idea to know who is doing your work. It’s important to question if the agency has a quality control process in place to manage its outsourced and insourced partners.

How do you help clients manage programs and budgets?

It’s easy to forget about budget when you fall in love with a brand activation idea. It’s important to make sure the agency you choose respects your budget. Documenting all costs and identifying cost effective solutions are crucial skills an agency should master.

Have you got any quantifiable proof of success/awards?

Anything that shows an external body has recognised the value of the agency’s work should leave you impressed and reassured that the agency will approach your brief with professionalism and authenticity.

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