Market Research

Don’t get us wrong: digital research tools and quantitative market analysis are crucial parts of any marketing strategy. However, they can’t replace face-to-face, grassroots qualitative research – no matter how fancy the technology is.

Having access to and gaining insight from living, breathing people in communities beats any kind of plugged-in digital resources – especially when most of the informal retail isn’t researched or understood.


That's where we come in!

Our beautiful country is filled with bustling informal trade and “kasi” markets that traditional research methods don’t reach. These vibrant, fast-moving communities and rural networks are filled with key independent wholesalers, spaza shops, kasi-kos caterers, and SMMEs.

We’ll help you speak to community influencers and business gatekeepers to unlock target audiences in rural areas and informal trade centres. They offer a wealth of earned market insights that technology can’t provide or access.

We can help you drive trial and test products, perform in-depth market studies, gain grassroots knowledge, investigate competitors, onboard your staff in real retail experiences, or up-skill your teams in authentic trade visits.

Our experience, expertise, and extensive case-by-case research will ensure you reach your full potential within this rising market, no matter which goal you choose.

Ready to unlock the power of local knowledge? Start by joining our next tour.

Our Market Research Services

Informal Trade Research
Businesses work differently in the informal sector – Kasi commerce has a unique character. The networks, processes, and entrepreneurial spirit set it apart and make trade much different from the urban environment. We’ll help you understand how it all works and show you how to unlock the hidden power of local markets to help your brand thrive within it.
Rural Tours
We’re proud to say that JAWBONE has lived and breathed in informal businesses for years. We know the locals, we’ve collected the mileage, and we know every key corner of the local communities. Ready to learn more about this massive retail market? We’ll help you explore it safely and effectively.
Staff Onboarding & Experiential Trade
If you want to onboard or up-skill your staff in an authentic retail environment, there’s nothing better than experiencing the local trade markets. It offers plenty of genuine customer insight and field intelligence. This entrepreneurial spirit drives South Africa’s economy, and this is where you’ll find the engine room.

Meet the channels

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of our favourite channels:

Spaza Shops

Independent Wholesalers


How does market research help you?

Roughly 30 percent of our economy is driven by local and informal retail. If your product strategy doesn’t include this Kasi commerce, you’re missing out – it’s that simple.

Reach a broader customer base

Countless case studies have shown that most companies ignore the rural and local trade markets. On the flip side, the businesses we’ve introduced to these untapped audiences have radically grown their footprint using our channels. The bottom line? More targeted customers and amplified word-of-mouth in new markets that matter.

Understand your customers

Digital personas will never replace person-to-person interviews or drive market penetration on its own. Instead of relying on social media estimates, you can create authentic audience segments based on real people and marry that with back-end analytics. It’ll improve your targeting and sales messaging, and help you uncover future product opportunities and trends.

Educate your staff

Seeing your products and experiencing the sales process in the local retail environment will always trump office-based onboarding, HR workshops, and store roleplay sessions. Empower your staff to learn more about your products in a real-world context, and give them the inside track from local business experts and trade influencers.

Grow your market share

If the informal sector and local trade offer a new audience for your product or service, you will grow your numbers significantly and begin to strengthen your brand equity within this market. Our research and case studies will show you: Kasi commerce's audience numbers and buying power offer massive retail potential.

Like what you see? Let's work.

Like what you see?
Let's work.