M&M’s – Chocolate Expo 2019



Brand Activations

Mars multi-sales briefed Jawbone in 2019 to create a brand experience stand that will announce the M&M’s range entering the South African Market.

The idea behind this was to create brand awareness through experience and amplify the hype of M&M’s reaching South African Shores, officially. Since then, the stand goes from show to show making an impact on the local market.

M&M’s being a high profile brand is the main attraction for exhibitors and fans alike. The offerings from the stand include Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Twix, the iconic M&M’s peanut & milk chocolate with this year’s limited edition being peanut and hazelnut.

The current campaign is “Make Your Corn Pop” whereby the combination of salt and sweet are found when the M&M’s crew produce a fresh box of popcorn with a twist of milk chocolate M&M’s on top.

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