Outsourcing Event Management: When & Why You Should

Do what you do best and hire out the rest. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to outsourcing event management.
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Event management takes up an enormous amount of time – even more so if it’s not your expertise. What may start out as a seemingly manageable operation can quickly turn into a massive undertaking.

When it comes to brand building, it is vital to get the right people on the job. These kinds of events need to be memorable, leaving the consumer with more than they came with and hopefully, changing or enhancing brand perception.

This was the challenge we were faced with when Bryte Insurance approached us to help launch their new brand in South Africa and Botswana. We came up with an integrated brand solution that made full use of our holistic approach to event management. From concept to completion, we used our extensive expertise to pull off an extremely complex and successful event, leaving attendees with a memorable experience and Bryte Insurance with a wider, positive network of potential clients.


People don’t often think about just how much of an undertaking it is to manage events. It’s not just about the day, but the lead-up, including invites, reminders and making sure all the suppliers are on board, capable and ready. Because organising events is what we do, we have a world of connections and trusted suppliers at the ready to bring your event to life and often add a little extra flavour, as seen in our recent Jachris event where we delighted attendees with delicious coffee from Sihle’s Brew.

Staying ahead of the curve

Because event organising isn’t your primary focus, you might be out of the loop when it comes to the many event technologies available. By outsourcing event management to an experienced and dedicated team, you can remain on the cutting edge.

KPMG understood the need for ground-breaking technology – technology which speaks to their fresh perspective in a clear and memorable way. In response to this, we created a world first – a larger-than-life Twitter powered water cooler that had an incredible visual impact. This unique design allowed water to be pumped from one stand to the other every time KMPG’s event hashtag – #JoinIdeas – was mentioned on Twitter.

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