Spar Tradeshow 2019



Exhibition Management

As another ice-cold winter morning begins, there is a hive of excitement and activity in the exhibition halls of four venues around the country; It is time once again for this year’s round of August SPAR Trade Shows:

In JHB, emperors palace is a sizzling emporium of tantalizing delights, in Cape Town, the CTICC is a melting pot of the aromas and flavours of freshly prepared foods; In PE the halls are alive with delicious smells wafting through the Boardwalk Hotel Conference venue in KZN, the DEC is a bustling frenzy of colours and sizzling sounds and scents.

Jawbone has gone to painstaking lengths to ensure the smooth operation of the trade shows in each region, from the design and build, all the way through to the fresh muffins, piping hot bread and mouth-watering chicken and beef; legendary pies and beer, coffee, fresh fruit juice and sauces – to name but a few of the mouth-watering treats you might find in your hands at one of the shows.

The 2019 August Spar Trade show was a huge success one again!

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